Boys Don’t Unbreak My Heart

The 2022 NFL Halftime Show with Mary J Blige, Snoop Dogg, Eminem, Dr. Dre and Kendrick Lamar got folks buzzing about 1990’s R&B and hip-hop legends. I’d like to revisit one more era-defining song. Toni Braxton released her iconic Unbreak My Heart in 1996. The music video featured supermodel Tyson Beckford being jaw-droppingly and jaw-clenchingly perfect in every very-imaginable way. It remains one of my go-to lip-synch anthems. Here are the best covers by male vocalists based on my deep dive into the melancholy waters of nostalgia. Not all are pitch perfect, but all are earnest. If you enjoy this collection, won’t you be my Valentine and Buy Me a Coffee! Thank you πŸ™‚ Ready, set, un-breee-aaaaak my…

Ramon Lo: a clean, straightforward version that affirms the power of the original

Antonio De Brito: smooth! +points for the parking lot tribute to the original’s tragic premise

Xerxes & Ehsan: cuties with acoustic harmonies for double-the-unbreak, yes please!

Aof Pongsak: one of the oldest un-covers on YouTube, its lyricism holds up 15 years on

Youssef Ismail: what would it sound lowered for a base? Pretty good!

Khyriel: heart emojis for the tuxedo and the nerves, but when he finds his vocal stride and hits those high notes, he knocks ’em out! While technically maybe the least proficient cover in this collection, it is my favorite. #raw #emotions


The cover image for this post comes from a brilliant Canadian designer Dorota Pankowska. These are heartbreak paperclips which turn “whole” once used on paper. Perfection! Buy ’em there.


Donna Summer & Seal – Unbreak My Heart/ Crazy/ On The Radio

It is an amazing, incredible, extraordinary ten minutes of music history!


If the mood strikes you, check out my “Boys Don’t Summertime Sadness” post from a while ago.

If you enjoyed this, won’t you be my Valentine and Buy Me a Coffee! Thank you πŸ™‚

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