Timbul Gets 12 Goya Awards

Two days before Valentine’s Day (*) Valencia hosted the 36th GOYA Awards of/for the Spanish film lovers. I reviewed the nominees for PostParis.com and my frontrunner – Mediterráneo – won in three categories. In the weeks leading up to the ceremony, 12 statues of Francisco Goya’s bust (a replica of the award) were placed around the city to encourage social engagement and interest in cinema. For #TimbulWalksValencia pilgrimage, I dedicated a splendid afternoon to visit all 12 sites. I got the map and set off to check out the different neighborhoods and practice my drama/comedia face behind the mask 🙂 I never got into Pokémon GO, but I was like … Gotta catch ’em all!

I started at Mercado de Cabanyal around the corner. Emotion: neck-breaking intensity.
Next stop is the Ayora neighborhood which is my metro stop. Emotion: “home alone”.
Here we are in Plaza de Ayutamiento (Main Square). Emotion: Big Brother Is Watching.
I’ve not been to the L’Hort de Senabre neighborhood before. Emotion: BOO!
In Patraix with the best little barrio bar in its plaza. Emotion: You Talkin’ To Me?!
By the iconic Finca Roja building (not pictured). Emotion: sadness (because Finca Roja is not pictured).
Next is Avenida del Cid. This is turning into a literary tour. Emotion: Don’t Look Up!
Benimamet was a pleasant discovery! Emotion: Here’s looking at you, kid!
In Benicalap I got outnumbered & outrun by kids. Emotion: where did my youth go?!
Watched the eternal football game by the Levante stadium. Emotion: Gooaal, please!
Ended the tour with pacharan. Emotion: gracias a la vida! P.S. Ha! Goya even looks like the Oscar of Spain 🙂 Turns out, the real winner was ME with my 12 Goyas 🙂

Folks on my PATREON can see my first Goya Award acceptance speech inspired by this tour of Valencia.

This was a fabulous way to engage different communities from the central barrios to the outskirts. Within a few minutes spent with each sculpture I got to see many people take selfies, read the plaques, scan the QR codes. I salute this urban cultural initiative and look forward to seeing where Goyas show up in 2023.

* posted in April & back-dated to February 12, 2022 (thanks, Adult ADHD & Life)

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