On Time: Haus-A-Rest Zine

This February, one of #EyeWitnessCollage pieces was included in the beautiful digital zine and exhibition curated by the good people at Haus-a-Rest. This edition’s theme was TIME. “In this issue, we are exploring how artists represent of time in their art practice. How do they show the concept of time and how it affects our lives? How do you feel about the theory that time is not linear or that it is a man-made concept?” I decided to submit my collage titled “Clubhouse Is Dead! Long Live Clubhouse!” Social media has emerged as the greatest driver and consumer of our time and times.

Any exhibition call that includes a Karl Marx quote is worth my time: “We should not say that one man’s hour is worth another man’s hour, but rather that one man during an hour is worth just as much as another man during an hour. Time is everything, man is nothing: he is at the most a time’s carcass.” I was happy to be included in an interdisciplinary group of fourteen stellar artists. Please, check out our work online.

My art practice is supported by my Patreon community (join the adventure!) and kind Buy Me a Coffee contributions. Onward!

Since 2016, #EyeWitnessCollage has also been included in:

  1. Solo Exhibition at Struwig Gallery in the UK
  2. Nichego Strashnogo street art festival in Russia
  3. Ideas Unlimited group exhibition on Crete in Greece

The cover image for this post is part of the work by a fellow Haus-A-Rest participant Anna Masters. Her installation Retreat (2020) is made of clock parts on nylon: Based on an innate sense that the passing of time can be loaded with hope and wonder, and concurrently with the grief of its passing, this series of works are about how we live with, treasure, grieve, bury and inhabit the accumulation of moments that make up our pasts and our visions of the future. When the mechanics of time are torn apart and the clocks prevented from ticking, can we inhabit this moment for just a little longer?” I was particularly struck by their work, so do follow and marvel!!!

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