Boys Don’t Summertime Sadness

Got summertime sadness?! This post commemorates an anniversary of the experience that lead to me giving “Five Likes for My Depression“. It’s that time of the cycle again, yet I’m coasting on better wavelengths. While I never bought into Lana Del Rey as a pop product, I do acknowledge Summertime Sadness as one of the greatest pop songs. Miley Cyrus first gut-punched it into my consciousness as an emotional anchor live on BBC Radio. Here are six best covers by male vocalists. I say “best”, because I literally saw them all. One of the things you discover on the floor is time…

A drawing from my current notebook

Zach Cannella: oh my god, I feel it everywhere, my absolute favorite, hands down.

Desi Valentine: love the sun-rasp vibe he brings to the kiss-me-hard task!

J.Cantero: a grand music hall or any old hallway, talent fills all available space!

Ciuffi Rossi: double the handsomeness, double the goosebumps!

Alexi Longinidis – Florez: one of the most nuanced and original readings of the song!

Hermawan Prawoto: an all-around awesome delivery within a beautiful soundscape.

BONUS: the original Lana track as a montage from the melancholic heart-breaker Call Me By Your Name featuring best moments between Oliver and Elio … b.r.i.l.l.i.a.n.t.!!!

Thank you, everyone, for helping me navigate my summertime sadness! 

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