Micro/Macro: EyeWitness Collage Goes Solo

Micro is the new macro! After participating in the street art festival in Russia, my eyewitness collages are getting a royal treatment with a solo exhibition curated by Tiffany Struwig in her UK-based miniature gallery. I cried. Such a thrill.

Since 2014, the #eyewitnesscollage series on Instagram have cataloged over 100 “repurposed” pieces from within layers of street ads. This exhibition focuses on four originals: “A Missing Person Report; Missing A Person Report” and “Te recuerdo, guapo” as well as “Brief history of Tbilisi” and a triptych “Three Sisters by Anton Chekhov: Olga, Masha, Irina”. They carry a leitmotif of memory and displacement – two themes of our zeitgeist both embodied and digital. I am deeply moved to encounter these images re-imagined yet again in time and space by Tiffany. Onward!

Check out the exhibition at @the_struwig_miniature_gallery and follow the page.

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