Same Moon Shoal

Text-only post. Uh-oh. It’s short.

Do you have creative projects?

Would you like a bit of support getting into/through them?

I have projects. Ongoing. For days, weeks, years…

Sometimes I could use a thumbs up.

I am looking for a few folks to join a weekly cheer-on wherein:

  • each participant reports on any progress made on any projects
  • other participants tell them they are doing great!

No networking, no constructive feedback, no viral hacks. You share what you’re working on with people working on their shit. We all go “wow look at us doing shit”!

It doesn’t matter if you’re tackling a multimillion dollar commission or diving into a freecycling hobby project. No comparative analysis. Joy boomerangs only.

I wanted to call this “FAG: Fabulous Accountability Group” but then I read that accountability can actually hinder the creative process and I was like oh fuck it. Check out “How Accountability Obstructs Good Design“.

I am looking for a shoal … a group of fish on a mysterious mission, each swimming their trajectory.

Why same moon?

Because I am tired of extraneous milestones and any moon is good to thrive under.

Sign up here and I’ll be in touch pretending to know what I’m doing.


Cover image comes from this article: The Maths of the Shoal by Timothy Schaerf at University of New England

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