Stay Here Forever: Valencia

Y’all know I love offbeat collages. When reporting on the Kathmandu Triennale in Nepal in 2017, I brought back several stickers from the “Please Stay Here 4-ever” project by the Thai artist Surasi Kusolwong. A contemporary artist without social media presence?! A street art intervention on the non-sustainability if not impossibility of connection? I wanted to do something with it for a while. Once, a wonderful CouchSurfer Madrianne Wong suggested applique with marine images from her vintage pocketbook. I’ve paired the rest of the stickers with cutouts from the Forbes magazine. Beyond my history with it, the choice seemed fitting since it positions itself as a volatility barometer for industries and communities. I’ve placed these collages throughout the El Carmen neighborhood in Valencia-Spain as my admission of our (im)perfect, (im)permanent love affair. The final installation was retrospectively inspired by Call Me By Your Name, another meditation on the transient nature of physical spaces, bodies and imprints of desire on personal and collective memories. Please, enjoy it 4-ever.


IMG_2256 — копия

Not Alone by Otto Knows was my on-repeat track during this artventure.

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