i-Folklore: My Russian Fairytales

My passion for translation runs deep. I’ve shared my Maya Angelou and Marina Tsvetaeva efforts. In 2011 I was commissioned by the app developer/e-publisher Terrylab to translate two Russian folklore classics for their interactive editions. I forgot to share that collaboration! During the fun experience, kids can touch objects, move the story along, learn to read and memorize few Russian words. Get ’em all and tell me what you think! Available on iTunes with YouTube previews below.

TOWER DEAREST (Терем-Теремок) is available on iTunes.

Tower Dearest

RIABA the HEN (Курочка Ряба) is available on iTunes.

Riaba, the Hen


UPDATE (Feb.2017). One more story has made it to iTunes. Behold, TURNIP GIANT!!!


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