PENCILS, reclaimed

Pencils! Some people personalizing and sending them in from all over the world. Other people using them to create a sculpture with 3D printed connectors during the Internet Age Media Festival at the Design Museum in Barcelona, Spain… Pure Booooooom-caliber brilliance! While the aim and context for this project was not explicitly related to the Je Suis Charlie campaign in the Charlie Hebdo debacle aftermath, for me personally it felt important to reclaim pencils as a creative (non)political tool for connecting people as opposed to arming any “sides” with it. So my pencil got in on the action! Check out the full story and time-lapse video at Booooooom and keep drawing/writing your own narratives.

In 2010 my photograph of a Milano intersection was selected for a Booooooom “Small Victories” exhibition in Hong Kong and Vancouver. I am soooh happy to be a tiny active part of this creative community again! Onward! Give Booooooom some love at Instagram & Facebook!alexey_timbul_bologna_italia


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