2021: Where Reasons End

Where Reasons End by Yiyun Li is my favorite book of 2021.

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It is the shortest I’ve read this year.

And utmost luminous.

Trigger warning. As if.

A series of imaginary conversations between a mother and a teenage son who took his own life. If that sounds dark, it is. It is also redemptive in the scathing way art can be. And it’s also funny. Netflix stand-up producers wish. We all wish, don’t we?!

[Yiyun Li’s own son died on his own terms. All fiction is auto-biographical.]

I did not want this book to end. It was perfect. Line for line. I imagine Li did not want to finish writing it … I suppose that is a proper way to feel about life, living, being. As a survivor of suicide attempts, I know the “truth” is much more elusive. Sometimes reasons just end. Sometimes you get a chance to find them again. Sometimes the search for reasons to live becomes a reason in itself.

And then you get moments.

You get blueberries (!)

You put a song on repeat.

You do yoga as if you knew what it meant.

You re-read a line in a book, over and over.

You re-read a line a book.

Maybe it was just (for) this.

Things we remembered together, things we remembered differently, and things we remembered separately … To end up somewhere between doubt and regret, it was a maze I had decided not to set foot in.”

Where the Reasons End by Yiyun Li

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