101 Solutions: Dance Every Morning

Midlife *risis is not an event, it’s a process… In the spirit of ch-ch-changes, I decided to follow a fabulous pocket book “101 solutions to get out of crisis” by Madrid-based artist Alexander Rios. How hard (slash) fun can it be? I already cut “crisis” out of my vocab & said no to credit cards 😉

20. Baile todas las mañanas. (Dance every morning)

Oh, I love dancing. I love mornings. Easy, I’ma dance every morning for a month, ok week ok tomorrow?! [This went on for a while]. No, I must dance 101 mornings in a row… it’s a 101 project! I should run a seminar: “How to ruin everything you like”. Why can’t I just dance?! I managed to do it “only” five times in six months. Each time I loved it and then discounted the experience as non-systematic… Let me state for the record: every time you get to dance in your life, it counts! As a white man, I embody a history of suppressing freedom of movement and physical self-expression not just for my brethren but for all kinds of beautiful people around the world. Thus, liberation begins and continues with dancing on/for my own. Hereby, I present evidence of a project and move on with my shenanigans.

The track list (linked to respective YouTube videos to get y’all into the groove):

Jason Derulo “Talk Dirty

“Been around the world, don’t speak the language / But your booty don’t need explaining / All I really need to understand is / When you talk dirty to me…” #Anthem. The weird sidestep is the trumpet part 😉

Years & Years “Shine

“I remember us alone / Waiting for the light to go / Don’t you feel that hunger /I’ve got so many secrets to show…” There was quite a bit of jumping around. I’d love to see these guys live! #WishList

Alla Pugachova “This is it (Вот и всё)” 

The foremost Russian pop diva proves you can dance in the throws of melancholy. Catharsis as a pas de deux for one. [Lyric translation: “Everything hidden in my silence is visible in my eyes”]

Milan Grajetzki “Makes Nose Ants 2 U

Track comes from my obsession with Alicia Vikander dancing in an elevator at the Met Gala… “Manus x Machina” is code for “mesmerizing in each role”. Lots of elbow and shoulder work 🙂

Lex Allen “Cream and Sugar

This song is an onomatopoeia! It sounds like smoothest cream and sugar swirling in my mind and heart and… Hence, lots of circular motion 🙂 I nearly went all out dervish on this one!

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