101 Solutions: Say No More!

Midlife crisis is not an event, it’s a process… In lieu of 2016 New Year’s resolutions, I decided to turn for help to experts. I remembered that my fellow artist Alexander Rios has a fabulous little pocket book “101 solutions to get out of crisis” … Eureka! I just gotta follow the instructions. How hard/fun can it be?

  1. Deje de usar la palabra crisis. (Stop using the word crisis)

Brilliant. To commemorate the learning and initiate the practice, I took a copy of London Financial Times Weekend Edition – this iconic pink newspaper my longtime recreational drug of choice – to see how much crisis can be eliminated in one evening. Within 48 pages there were 13 (!) crisis … including four in one article on the struggles of the diamond industry. True story with or without irony. So I cut out the thirteen words + the diamond into a collage “When life gives you crisis, make diamonds”

When life gives you crisis, make diamonds!
When life gives you crisis, make diamonds!

Here is the making-of process… I look forward to trying out a hundred other helpful tips! Meanwhile, check out Alexander Rios’ awesome projects and order your own copy of “101 solutions to get out of crisis” … and I’ll think of what to call my process now that I can’t use midlife cri… 🙂

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