101 Solutions: Credit Due

Midlife *risis is not an event, it’s a process… In the spirit of ch-ch-changes, I decided to follow instructions of a fabulous pocket book “101 solutions to get out of crisis” by Madrid-based artist Alexander Rios. How hard/fun can it be? I already cut “crisis” out of my vocabulary 😉

54. Destruya su tarjeta de credito (Destroy your credit card)

I’ve been frustrated with Paypal Mastercard customer service for a while, so this was a perfect call to action! I present my little installation titled “5338750253501102 steps towards financial healing” … yes, it is indeed a cut-up credit card assembled as a house of cards… subtle symbolism is my artistic forte 🙂

DSC_2992 DSC_2997

I look forward to 99 more ideas! Meanwhile, check out Alexander’s other great work!

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