Six Point Map: Anything Anywhere

I created a “universal” six-point map for anyone to map anything anywhere connecting the dots in any way. Wonder-full artist Yoko Oji Kikuchi included it in a zine about emotional maps called “Textured Elevation” with 40 other artists! My examples are below. You can download the blank map … HERE … with instructions for your own emo-atlas. Share with #timbulsixpointmap to let me know where it’s taken you.


  1. Name your map here. What/where/who are you mapping?
  2. Connect the dots any which way you want with paint, markers, thread, etc.
  3. Just FYI: that is a theme/logo from Kathmandu Triennale 2017 in Nepal!
  4. Identify yourself here. Who are U? Can be your name or social media handle.
  5. Identify your six points here. What/where/who does each dot represent?
  6. Mark your (optional) highlight/insight/resume/signature here.
  7. Post online with #timbulsixpointmap and share your own atlas with the world 🙂

EXHIBIT A: Where My Art Has Been Shown

“I had not seen myself as an artist until someone asked if my artworks have ever been exhibited. After six group shows in five countries, I guess I might be an artist.”

St. LawrenceVancouverKrasnodarBerlinCreteRostov

EXHIBIT B: My Favorite Art Spaces in Valencia, Spain

“I love(d) living in Valencia, one of the most ancient Mediterranean cities with one of the more vibrant contemporary arts scenes. I love(d) making a regular pilgrimage through my favorite spaces for inspiration and groundedness.”

IVAMBombas GensCCCCmuVIMFundacion BancjaRuzafa

Download and show me your #timbulsixpointmap at @alexeytimbul

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