LIEBEration 175: Toast

Read HERE about LIEBEration 175, a queer Holocaust history performance art and photography project. Each day, we present the next (at random) of LIEBEration 175 images.

As we approach the end of the online series and the beginning of offline life for the exhibition, we wanted to reflect on this transition with a special action, a toast… I had brought with me to Berlin a bottle of sparkling wine harvested, produced and bottled in my home region of southern Russia. We were to open it at the end of the project, to celebrate 10 years of art and activism, salute all the paths, roads and highways that lead me back to Sachsenhausen, to honor comrades past, present and future. In many cultures, a commemorative remembrance toast involves pouring some liquor on the ground while raising up your own glass. It’s meant to connect peers across space and time. And that is exactly what Giada and I did on our last day at the camp… To all, to each, to love, always.

# 128 Toast … with Constantin

# 128 Toast ... with Constantin

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