LIEBEration 175: Be Nude / Self (NSFW)

When we began sharing LIEBEration 175  images six months ago, the very first post coincided with Russia’s absurdist ban on “propaganda of homosexuality”. As we complete the series, with a few images left to present, in a best-for-last twist, yesterday Russian government passed an update to that law now banning “propaganda of all non-traditional sexual relations” and dramatically increasing penalties for violators. It was passed unanimously (!) the day before Russia’s Independence Day, a stunning move, unprecedented in its legal vagueness and murderous by default. Human Rights Watch has a review of the tragic developments  over the last six months. As situation in Russia continues to (un)predictably unravel, my wish is that LIEBEration 175 exhibition may be used an organizing and educational tool worldwide to highlight and explore dangerous intersections of nationalism, fascism, religious fundamentalism and sexual/gender freedoms as well as freedom of expression and assembly, because… the world has seen such methodical stripping of individual rights to sexual freedom and gender expression before. I was there. Sachsenhausen.

# 63 Be Nude/Self … with Ralph

# 63 Be Nude / Self ... with Ralph

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