LIEBEration 175: Draw & Paint

Read HERE about LIEBEration 175, a queer Holocaust history performance art and photography project. Each day, we present the next (at random) of LIEBEration 175 images.

Both actions were inspired by the work of my favorite painter Marc ChagallFor the first action I tried to draw from memory one of my tattoos which was lovingly designed for me many years ago by a dear friend. And while engaged in the second action, the cute idea to fingerpaint my surroundings suddenly became an entirely different experience as I realized I was also being fingerprinted… Such shifts in time and space and perspective were common during our mission at Sachsenhausen. 

# 55 Draw … with Pasquale

# 55 Draw ... with Pasquale



# 69 Paint … with Thomas

# 69 Paint ... with Thomas

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