LIEBEration 175: Write Poetry

Read here about LIEBEration 175, a queer Holocaust history performance art and photography project. Each day, we present the next (at random) of LIEBEration 175 images.

In honor of World Poetry Day, we present an action and a poem written on the grounds of Sachsenhausen.

#61 Write Poetry … with Ezra

#61 Write Poetry ... with Ezra


the last time i saw you
you were boarding a transport to heaven
you got to keep your belongings
one love, half a secret, halo

i held my breath through your departure
until you were safely out of sight
unstoppable now, bound by no vow
wind in the pines

no good-byes, no handshakes
dust off my lips, light onto yours
our stillness, silence, the unrepeatable
love has no echo, you said

i waited. i wait
checking timetables, sweeping the platforms
keeping memory and desire alight
ever ready to catch up with you

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