Timbul Walks: A Pilgrimage To You

First time I got wanderlust, I must have been six. A librarian made me hover a finger over a point as they spun a shiny globe. You could leave in one direction, travel all the way around, and arrive “home” from the opposite side! I got dizzy. You could fly around the world. You could sail around the world. I want to walk around the world! This was my earliest intentional aspiration; still is.

Every journey starts where you are… I am in Valencia, Spain.

On November 11, 2021 I started a pilgrimage through all the streets of Valencia. I will experience and document every street of this city. You can follow the journey on Instagram @timbulwalks

This is a creative meditation on the relationship between a self, a city, and others as we become (a) history.

I have no idea what I am doing. I just really want to do this.

For visual documentation, I am interested in moments, glimpses, pauses, signs and signals that reveal a city beyond facades and tourist slogans.

For (con)textual exploration, I am looking at the given names of places and how those choices shape our experience of them.

For fun, I am looking forward to this intimate experience with a whole city.

Hola, Valencia … Q tal?