The Greenest Grass Technique Workshop

The grass is always greener… You know the saying, the feeling, the urghhh.

What if the grass were green-enough where you are?

What if it could be – in fact – the greenest grass?!

The idea for this workshop is based on my own artistic practice of making one green drawing, collage, doodle (almost) every day. It has become a part of my healing journey as a survivor of abuse and lifelong depression & anxiety seesaw rider. Turns out, a little green can make a big difference.


Sunday, October 23 @ 10 AM PST / 1 PM EST (USA) = 19:00 CET (EU)

A free workshop of a workshop *

~ 45 minutes on Zoom

What will we (dis)cover?

  • The science behind the color green
  • Ancient and indigenous usage of the color green
  • Green in art history and contemporary art
  • Art Therapy 101
  • Simple ideas and techniques for self-expression
  • Guided art practice

What do you need?

  • Curiosity
  • Paper (any type)
  • Color green: one pencil, pen, marker is already enough

* This is the first testing-testing-one-two-three version of a workshop I want to offer regularly online and offline. I will share my visuals and content points and ask for feedback (in a follow up email).

This workshop is supported (in part) by my PATREON members


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