Meet Me in Lockdown: Memory Art Diary

On March 14, 2020, Spain entered a state of alarm. Coronavirus hit Europe. The day before I returned from the last “before” outing. I didn’t know that for the seven “after” weeks I would be quarantined alone. Shortly, I got a notebook in the mail from a friend. It became an art diary. Each day I’d cut an image from a pile of junk mail or few magazines I had around. I’d free-associate on some corona-topic to fill in a page… It kept me going until it was safe(r) to exit. I never opened my pandemic flamingo notebook again, until a year later on March 14, 2021. Would you like to read it next?


Memory Art Exchange Project

Sign up. Get the diary in the mail. Enjoy. Mail it to the next recipient. Details below:

The diary contains 90+ pages. I wanted to have a record of my time, mood, and coping process in its whimsy and the wtf-grace. Some chapters are fun(ny), others informative, ranging from amusement to oversharing. This is a (self) portrait of a creative mind amid a slow moving apocalypse. I thought about posting it online, but I think the true desire of the notebook and myself was to get out, get back to people, travel. So I am proposing this:

  • Sign up below
  • Get the original diary in the mail (!) for free
  • Enjoy, reflect, roll your eyes, think back to your own experiences
  • Let me know what you thought and felt directly, OR
  • Log into a password-protected page here to comment on specific images
  • Send the diary to the next recipient (I’ll provide the address) or back to me
  • I checked, the snail mail cost of sending it anywhere should be about $10

Invite “I Know What You Did Last Lockdown” to your home:

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