What Murakami bird(S) taught me

When a friend shamed me for not having read Haruki Murakami and suggested I’d read at least “The Wind Up Bird Chronicle”, I was forewarned that it might be tedious, genius, fascinating, boring, etc. I initiated contact with this text fully prepared. Of course, the idea of preparedness for life is an illusion. The text took me in and took me on a journey unlike any other book. The encounters, disappearances, spaces and words that occured simultaneously inside and outside of me in connection to reading “The Chronicle” allowed for many transformations, some unexpected, some long overdue, all painful, poignant, neccessary. I noted its impact in my Lieberation 175 post on books. Months later I was still Murakami-bound… I realized this process required closure so I embarked on another adventure of body, mind and spirit. Over the course of several weeks I disassembled the book page by 600+ page and made origami birds from each piece of paper then painted each bird’s beak in two colors. The birds seemed to continue to wreack havoc… Yet when they were finally finished and gathered as a 300+ strong flock in a mandala spiral on my studio floor, everything changed. They seemed cheerful, content, ready to take flight elsewhere. I let them circle my Rostov office in CreativeSpace.Pro for a while and then set them free in the public winter garden of this arts center. That is where they now nestle. So what have the Murakami birds taught me? Much aftermath remains to be discovered, but for sure…

1. To surrender…

2. To accept mystery and (im)perfection of any given moment…

3. To not know.

It is truly a great book. I recommend it. But do not say you weren’t forewarned 🙂

Murakami Timbul Birds
Murakami Timbul Birds
Murakami Timbul Birds
The Murakami Timbul birds now nestle in the florarium of CreativeSpace.Pro

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