LIEBEration 175: Stress-Test Series

Each day since January 27, 2013 we have been sharing images from LIEBEration 175, a queer Holocaust history performance art and photography project. Today we present a very special series of images. Throughout our time at the camp I was drawn to perform particular types of actions in the space of Baracke 33. Later we saw a pattern within these actions honoring our body’s capacity for movement and physical transformation. We went through our collection of “spaces” in search of those corresponding  to each image… At Sachsenhausen there was an infamous shoe-testing unit. Prisoners asigned to Schuhläuferkommando had to wear boots, often sizes smaller, along the track paved with different types of rough surface: sand, gravel, crushed concrete, etc. They walked for days on end in all kinds of weather to stress-test materials and designs best suited for army footwear production. As a tribute, I had already walked the length of the path in high heels … with Emanuel. These very surfaces make poignant companions to images of a body testing its own endurance.

The Stress-Test Series

# 16 Align in Tree Pose … with Benjamin

# 17 Sit Up … with Herman

# 18 Push Up … with Horacio

# 50 Excercise abs … with Cedric

# 51 Bridge … with Ludwig

# 99 Do Yoga: Cobra … with Vaclav

# 101 Jump Rope … with Augustine

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