LIEBEration 175: Catch a Rainbow

Read here about LIEBEration 175, a queer Holocaust history performance art and photography project. Each day, we present the next (at random) of LIEBEration 175 images.

On this first day of Spring 2013 we’d like to share an unexpected moment which became an action in its own right.

# 131 Catch a Rainbow … with Nikita# 131 Catch a Rainbow ... with Nikita

On our last full day in Berlin we came out of the subway in the iconic heart of the city – Alexanderplatz – and were greeted by a giant glorious rainbow. All the exhaustion and frustration and challenges of our work seemed lifted. Frankly, I lost my sh*t on the spot… as is evidenced by this behind-the-scenes pic which isn’t staged. It is the actual moment I turned to Giada who was already shooting, her gifted eye ever ready to spot magic. This may also count as an entry into the irregular Dose-of-Rainbow series. Spring is generous like that! 🙂

# 131 Behind-the-scene

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