Dallas the Insaint, Poem

4 years ago today I came by a house in Minneapolis to see about renting a room… Thank you.

Dallas the Insaint

Your crossroad home is a rebel nest

where vagabond hearts lay their daredevil dreams

and draw paths of liberation on backyard party napkins

while the future hatches to dance on memory’s shells.

Your crossroad home is a rebel nest;

from its edge the newly winged love dives into the world

and sings itself into the dawn air thick with possibility

while seeds and raindrops make plans to meet up

later on to see about that circle of life thingamajig.

Made of all that matters by all who came before you,

this rebel nest is your crossroad home until allstory beckons you to grace.

To keep its ancient walls everstrong you lined them with music.

Clever bird, you!

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