To turn “social isolation” into “social spaciousness” let’s do simple actions together:

1. Identify persons you are in solidarity, drunk-in-love, in cahoots with.

2. Perform any simple action intentionally “with” them.

3. Share your action(s) by tagging them and @simpleactionwith #simpleactionwith



Simple actions have complex power, because they structure our realities every day, every hour, moment to moment.

When our freedom(s) are at risk  – in state lock-down or self-quarantine – it’s the simple actions that matter the most: movement, nourishment, pleasure, fun, connection.

That’s what also makes us part of the vertebrate mammal family.

NOW is all about action.

Individual and collective responsibility for the personal and greater good.

It’s all about intentionally engaging the present moment together, with each other and for each other. Are you alone in this moment? Are we alone? Am I?

Connection is something that goes beyond physical presence and distance. There is a difference between limitation, prohibition, and impossibility. Simple actions (re)tell our story about the pleasures and the pains of living today, now, through the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond, beyond, beyond.

@simpleactionwith allows us to regroup & renounce separateness.

Simple Actions

+ Intention

= Humanity


P.S. This idea comes from the LIEBEration175 project performed and documented at the Sachsenhausen Memorial & Museum in 2012.