Meet Me in Lockdown: Memory Art Show on Zoom

On March 14, 2020, Spain entered a state of alarm. Coronavirus hit Europe. A day earlier I entered my home from the last “before” outing… I didn’t know that for the seven “after” weeks I would be quarantined alone. Shortly, I got mail from a friend. A notebook. I decided to try an art diary. Each day I’d cut out an image from a pile of junk mail or few magazines I had around. I’d free-associate on that day’s corona-experience and fill in a page… It kept me going until it was safe(r) to exit. I never opened my pandemic flamingo notebook again, until now.

MARCH 14, 2021


an art diary exposé on Zoom

18:00 Europe CET / 12:00 East Coast / 9:00 West Coast

I wanted to have a record of my time, mood, and coping process. Their whimsy and honesty struck me as wtf-grace. Some were fun(ny) while others informative; or even deep, in retrospect. This is a (self) portrait of a creative mind in a historic lockdown. I would like to share the images, the words and the memories with Y’ALL in your own before-and-after. How are we – who are we – where are we a year later?

Sunday, March 14, 2021

18:00 Europe CET / 12:00 East Coast / 9:00 West Coast

Register for a free interactive Zoom event:

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